French Armed Forces RCIR 24 hour combat ration pack MRE

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Each ration contains : 

  • 1x Heating kit 
  • 1x Muesli
  • 1x Isotinic drink
  • 2x Coffee, Tea 
  • 1x Hot Chocolate
  • 1x Soup
  • Selection of Nougat, Fruit Jelly, Energy Bar
  • 1x box of sweet biscuits
The mains, starter and desert vary by Menu number (please see below):

Menu 1: Gratin of beef macaronis- Kebab meatballs- Roasted chicken pate

Menu 2: Chicken couscous- Salmon rice & vegetables- Tuna pate

Menu 3: Poultry tabbouleh- Tuna coconut basmati rice- Sardines in tin 

Menu 4: Beef lasagna- Tuna salad- Liver poultry pate 

Menu 5: Beef tortellini- Oriental salad- Salmon pate 
Menu 6: Chili con carne- Tuna & ginger salad- Duck pate

Menu 7: Salmon & pasta- Prawn and chicken noodles- Tuna in tin 

Menu 9: Duck cassoulet- Porc creole & pineapple rice- Deer pate 

Menu 10: Duck parmentier- Italian salad- Porc pate

Menu 11: Porc & mushroom risotto- Sausages with pistachio- Poultry liver pate 

Menu 12: Sausages from Strasbourg & pasta- Seafood paella- Wild boar pate

Menu 13: Carbonara pasta- Tuna salad- Tuna & cheese pate

Menu 14: Poultry tabbouleh- Tuna coconut basmati rice- Sardines in tin