Norwegian Artic Field Ration

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Norwegian Arctic Field Ration

Say hello to the most advanced NATO-approved field ration in the world today.

The Norwegian Arctic Field Ration was developed for use by the Norwegian Armed Forces as well as the standing militaries of Nordic countries in the region.

It’s the premier Arctic ration in the market. With its wide array of hearty, sumptuous menus, the Norwegian Arctic Field Ration boasts 24 total menu items, including vegetarian selections alongside Scandinavian favorites such as reindeer and cod in creamy sauce.

Each ration is freeze-dried for maximum storage life and lightweight portability, and contains all the necessary sundries to make your hike, travel, commute, shift, or meal a convenient and easy affair. This includes utensils, disinfectant wipes, chewing gum, vitamin tablets, coffee, and a zip-lock bag.

The Norwegian Arctic Field Ration is the perfect gift for the special person in your life who enjoys the outdoors. It’s also perfect for shift workers, campers, hikers...and practically anyone who wants to enjoy a proper, filling MRE anytime, anywhere.

Taste the one of the best-known and well-regarded MREs in the business today and order the Norwegian Arctic Field Ration.